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" Release into Weightlessness

       ...Let your Troubles Float Away"


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Experienced my first float this past Friday and was amazed. Lessons learned: It's easy to disconnect. 90 Minutes is not to long to be by oneself. Don't be afraid of the dark. I look forward to my next float experience - congrats to the Okanagan Float team for creating such a unique and relaxing experience. The ambiance is perfect for recharging.- Hailey

The state of relaxation reached while floating not only allowed my mind to clear and my fibro pain to ease away...but for that hour with the gentle sway of the water ....I am the ocean....

Had my first float at Okanagan Float this weekend - what a beautiful experience. I chose the cabin which is spacious and the float was very relaxing and restful. Staff did a wo​nderful job of explaining the entire process. I was sorry to leave the tank after my 90 minutes. I shall return.- Jackie

"Sleeping doesn't help, when the soul is tired"

Has been my theme this last couple of weeks. I went for a float at Okanagan Float and finally feel a deep sense of rest. I tried out the huge float cabin and it was warm, comforting and a perfect space to simply unwind.

If you haven't been, I highly recommend it! Staff goes over the best way to float while making you feel perfectly at home and educates you on how to have the best float experience possible.-Travis

Great experience - friendly staff and the float was perfect , will be going back!- Kai

Absolutely wonderful!
No better form of complete relaxation! So glad to have a float centre here in Vernon!- Steve

Beautiful facility! I thoroughly enjoyed my first float and can't wait to add these to my regular routine.- Carla


Feeling very relaxed after floating with my wife. Highly recommended.- Dustin

My wife and I just got married this past weekend at silverstar and decided it would be an amazing experience to try a couples float together. We booked one today for Valentine's day and got to experience the one pod that was refurbished from the 70's which made it even more amazing.... It's the most magical experience to be in the tank together with no sound and no light but beside each other... We had lots of room to float without touching each other and you are weightless.... It's the most beautiful experience and I can't say enough amazing things about it... It's a bucket list experience for sure... Thank you Okanagan Float for the beautiful experience of a float with my wife for 90 min..... Highly recommend it!- Tammy

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