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Okanagan Float & Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio Present: 

A week full of healing specials for the days of Autumn. Honour your body-mind wellness through this seasonal passage and take advantage of these wonderful deals.  ONLY $100 for two hours of BLISS!

Maternal Mondays is specific to all of the lovely ladies out there harboring new additions to the human family in their wombs. Work with the doula and healer extroardinaire Miss Tonya Godin and pair a Prenatal Reiki treatment with a float. This is a beautiful healing journey for mother and baby.

Energetic Touch Tuesdays is a chance to work with the intuitive healer Anne-Marie Pitre and receive a Reiki treatment in combination with your float. Find balance and relax with this potent combination of energy healing and floatation therapy.

Wellness Wednesdays you can have either an Access Bars or Body-Talk session with the gifted Janet Hummel. Pairing these sessions with a float to can deepen and enrich your experience.

Therapeutic Thursdays is an opportunity to receive a Shiatsu and Acutonics session with Blaire Amber. Heal through massage, energy, sound and floating with this wonderful blend of therapies.

Feel Good Fridays allows you to go straight from a Float into a delightful oil massage treatment with Christopher Wallace. Ayurvedic massage uses soothing gliding motions and deep tissue work. Paired with a float it's sure to make you feel fantastic.

IntroPACK.                            $120

​2 | 60 minute floats

1 | 90 minute float

for first time guests

individual use within 60 days

Couples/Tandem Float

​60 minutes                                $80

90 minutes                                $95

Add 30 minutes                        $15

REST10.                                $400

​​​10 | 60 minute floats          

$40 per session




​60 minutes                                $55

90 minutes                                $70

+ 30 minutes                             $15

Call 250 306 3613

to book a float today! 

Open 7 days a week:  10am-10pm
*By appointment only after 6:00pm and Sundays 

...."As you lie back into the salt water solution, the bodies buoyancy engenders the sensation of weightlessness. The senses are reduced to a minimum with the absence of light and sound in the tank. In my experience, I felt held by the waters and able to let go into a certain placidity, peace and deep release. There is a sweet nurturance to the tanks, akin to perhaps re-entering the womb: an experience you come out of feeling renewed. Meditation becomes a natural occurrence and the abiding stillness brings you deeper in touch with self and soul."

- Christopher Wallace, Float Facilitator @ Okanagan Float


DEEP REST3.                               $170    

​3 | 90 minute floats                                

$57 per session



We accept Cash, Credit, Debit-Visa or E-mail Transfers as Payment

DEEP REST10.                      $550   

​​​10 | 90 minute floats                          

$55 per session


​​​Children under 16 must be

accompanied by legal Guardian

REST3.                                              $135  

3 | 60 minute floats                              

$45 per session


Our Facility is

Wheel Chair Accessible

" Release into Weightlessness

       ...Let your Troubles Float Away"


                         3410 31st Ave Vernon B.C

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