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" Release into Weightlessness

       ...Let your Troubles Float Away"


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float·ing   /ˈflōdiNG/

1. buoyant or suspended in water or air

Synonyms: buoyant, on the surface, afloat, drifting, hovering, levitating, suspended, hanging, defying gravity

'Float Nation' Documentary by

Carl Jesse and Jory Bond

One hour of floating is equal to several hours of deep sleep!

   Floating was invented in the 1950s by American neuroscientist Dr. John Lilly for research on the mind. He needed to eliminate incoming sensory information to create a control group for his experiments and ended up discovering that reducing sensory input has a load of benefits that far superseded the experiments he was doing.

Since the 1980’s, Research has demonstrated that Floatation Therapy has a significantly more powerful relaxation response than ANY other therapy/technique known to science. The response is passive and happens automatically without the need for training or practice. The benefits are immediate! 

Here are some Float Positions to Try

One of the Unique features of Floatation R.E.S.T is that after 10-20 minutes of floating, the THETA brain waves, which are present during sleep, relaxation, dreaming, meditation and hypnosis, become predominant and remain the duration of the float session.

Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy

To Learn More about Floatation Therapy and Sensory Reduction benefits check out these great videos!

'What is Floating?' by Float House


Documented studies report measurable changes to heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, hormone balance and brainwave activity.