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Q. Will my skin prune?

A. No your skin will not prune at all in the solution even for long periods of time. Your skin will feel fresh and silky smooth after!

Q. Can I float if I am pregnant?

A. Absolutely!   Floatation therapy can offer a brilliant level of relaxation, and pain relief not found outside of the tank for woman in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. We ask that you please consult with your physician before booking a float. Come on in and get some much needed rest. Floating is an incredible way for momma's to connect with their unborn babies.

Q. Can I float if I am menstruating?

A. Yes. We only ask that you use the same protocol you would for a swimming pool or hot tub by wearing a tampon or menstrual cup.

Q. If I have recently dyed my hair, Can I still float?

A. Please do not book a float until at least 10 days after you have died your hair, especially with red, purple, black, dark brown colors. If you still have color bleeding out of your hair in the shower we ask that you please do not book a float until the water runs clear so the hair die wont damage our float tanks. Thank you for understanding!

It is of the utmost importance that we are informed about any health concerns or medical conditions prior to someone floating to ensure everyone's safety.  Please consult with your physician before booking a float.

Q. How can I prepare for a float?

A.  It is best to eat a light meal 1/2 hour before you float.

~ We suggest that you limit your intake of liquids before you float to avoid interrupting your relaxation to use the washroom.

~ Avoid waxing or shaving 12 hours before floating as the salt water can irritate your skin

~ Stimulants like caffeine or tobacco have been known to make relaxing more difficult so we suggest to limit intake beforehand

Q. Can anyone float?

A. You are never too old to float!! Yes, People of ALL ages can float! Children under the age of 16 must have a guardian present to assist with float. The water solution is so buoyant that it will hold you up and support you at all times. It is nearly impossible to sink below the surface making floating completely safe. Many people actually fall asleep in the tanks!  Best of all you won't get wrinkly!!

Q. Do I need to Bring Anything?

A. All you need to bring is yourself!

~ If you have long hair you can bring your own comb or brush.

~ If you use contact lenses we suggest you bring something to put them in while you float.

~ We will provide ear plugs and encourage you to reuse them to reduce waste.

~ You will not need a bathing suit, most people float in the nude. You will have your own private room but by all means we want you to be comfortable so wear a swim suit if you must. Please make sure your swimsuit is thoroughly washed and clean.


Q. Are there any contraindications?

A. Those with acute asthma, extremely low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy or diabetes should seek advice from their health care provider before floating to ensure their safety.

Q. How is the water kept clean?

A. The Salt water solution contains over 30% Epsom Salt which is naturally sterile and is fully filtered three times in between each float session through a 1 micron pool filter (that’s 1/100th the diameter of a human hair!) and is sanitized with an Ozone which is a powerful anti-bacterial oxidant, UV light filter sterilization and a safe concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The water is completely replaced every 4 months. The water is tested multiple times daily and is our main priority to ensure health and sanitation. We also cleanse the water with healing frequencies to keep the water pure. Float assured our water quality is our top priority to ensure the best experience for our customers.


Q. How long after a new tattoo or piercing before I can float?

A. Book a float 2-3 weeks AFTER a new tattoo or piercing or consider booking a float a day or two before your scheduled tattoo or piercing appointment to relax your nervous system for a more pleasant experience. Your tattoo/ piercing artist will love working with the more calm and relaxed you! (Here's a thought: maybe even treat them to a GOfloat as an amazing TIP)

Q. Who should avoid floating or forgo the practice entirely?

A. People with epilepsy or prone to seizures should only float with doctors permission and with extreme caution, perhaps with the presence of a "watch-person." Although floating can be beneficial for this condition, if someone were to experience a seizure in the tank that is obviously a danger and liability. Diabetics with an insulin pump / glucose monitor will experience irritation at the insertion point of the pump due to the salt in the water. With doctors permission, if they are comfortable removing the pump and applying Vaseline to the site of insertion, to mitigate irritation, they may try floating with caution. Even though it is difficult for bacteria to exist within the degree of salt-water you are floating in, and we have a very elaborate filtration system and cleaning protocol, people with infectious and communicable diseases are prohibited from floating for the safety of other floaters. It is suggested that people who've undergone chemotherapy wait a minimum of 30 days after treatment before floating, as the detoxifying effects of floating can detox the chemo and decrease it's efficiency. People with severe kidney or liver issues may have the experience of these organs being taxed by the detoxification that occurs with floating and should only float with a doctors note. People with incontinence, or any other condition where the floater may experience the leakage or excretion of urine or any other bodily fluids should not float, purely from a sanitation perspective. 

Q. What if I am claustrophobic?

A. You are completely in control of your environment at all times and are free to float with the pod or cabin door open or with the lights on. At any time you can get out. You are in your own private room with control over your experience. Our float tanks are all over 4.5 feet wide by 8 feet long with room to sit up in the pod, to stand up in the cabin and the vessel is an open concept room with a float tub and see through walls.  We understand this common fear and have created environments to meet your individual needs.


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