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" Release into Weightlessness

       ...Let your Troubles Float Away"


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We offer 3 Private Rooms,  Each Unique with Different Styles of Float Tanks to Meet Your Individual Needs.

Our State of the Art Filtration and Purification Systems Ensure the Highest Water Quality for Every Float.

We Test Our Water Multiple Times Daily. Each of our float tanks hold 10″-11" of clean, purified water saturated

with over 1000 pounds of Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom salt. This creates a solution that is double the buoyancy of the Dead Sea. 

The water and air is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5-94.5° F).

Each private room is sound proof and, when you turn off the lights you get to experience complete relaxation floating in a safe, dark, anti- gravity environment.  Our float rooms were created for you to feel free and spacious with no pressure to completely enclose yourself.  You decide the level of sensory freedom you’d like to explore as our rooms come equipped with built in audio, and LED lighting.

If you would like to listen to relaxing music and/or leave the lights on you are welcome too!

Experience true relief of all external stimuli & stress. Take a Mini Vacation in the heart of the Beautiful Okanagan



The 1978 Samahdi II Float Pod is one of the

original float pods from it's time.

The round egg shape pod is 5' x 8' offering a very spacious, warm environment where you can stretch out and explore the positions that work best for your body.

Couples/tandem floats are lovely in the pod too! 

It is timeless, re-loved and refurbished with our new, state of the art filtration/purification system.

This pod offers you a true

'Blast from the Past' Float experience!


The Cabin is 4.5' x 8' and is tall enough for you to stand up inside which gives you lots of space above you while floating! The height above you helps ease the mind of clausterphobia. The space itself feels much bigger once you are inside which is why couples love floating in here too.  The cabin is designed for ease of use and offers an incredible float experience!​

Suitable for single or tandem/couples floats.

ProFloat Cabin, 



The Vessel is a large float tub that is 5' x 8' 

in its own private, open concept room.

We designed the vessel to be insulated by

500lbs of sand and crystals.

This space allows you to really stretch out and float without any fear of claustrophobia, without any confinements yet with all the necessary elements to provide you with an incredible R.E.S.T experience.

The vessel is suitable for individuals, or tandem/couples floats

(we've even had a family of 3! )

Wheelchair accessible for assisted floats.


At Okanagan Float we offer the absence of distraction, 

                      A Relief from the pressures of gravity... 

                                                                      A chance to experience Nothingness.

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